Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Battlefield 3 – A game that did better than EA had expected in competition with Call of Duty. Battlefield 3 was highly praised for its unique gameplay experience and larger than life multiplayer. Battlefield 3′s limited edition had with it an expansion pack called,” Back to Karkand”. Which enabled the players who bought the limited edition to play the maps on day 1.

Now,the makers of Battlefield 3 have announced three more DLCs that will be releasing time to time.

The first will be out in June, and will be called “Close Quarters”. As the name suggests, it’ll add new maps designed for frantic fights between footsoldiers. It’ll also have ten new weapons that can be unlocked by completing assignments, a la Back to Karkand. One of the four new maps, a stylish office block called Ziba tower, is currently being shown at GDC.

The second map pack is called “Armoured Kill”, and will be tank friendly as it’ll have alot of tanks. DICE say it will contain the biggest Battlefield map ever, and will add mobile artillery, new tanks and ATVs. That’s set to arrive this Autumn.

The final DLC will arrive in winter called ” End Game”. Nothing about this DLC pack has been revealed as of now,more details about this map pack would be announced sometime after the first one of them releases.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Assassins Creed – A franchise that has been with us since 2007. A franchise that has addicted millions of gamers to its fast-paced story and great action sequences. Not only is it loved by the fans but by its publishers too. So much that they just love coming out with a new installment of the franchise every year in a row.
Last year’s “Assassins Creed : Revelations” ended the story of Ezio Auditore, the protogonist of the game. This year the developers have come out and said that they wont be coming out with the another AC game consecutively after AC3 releases. I respect the fact and I think it will only go in favor of  the great franchise as it will give the studio sufficient time to develop and polish the game.

Ubisoft,released the first trailer of the game today and by the looks of it,I think it’s the best Assassins Creed game they have ever come up with.

From whatever I’ve seen in the trailer, one of the features in the Assassin Creed III’s wild open areas is its animal inhabitants, seen feasting on the remains of one unlucky soldier in the trailer. You will be able to hunt them and will be rewarded for selling their fur.

you’ll be able to chain different weapons to devastate your opponents. In the trailer  we see a fist, axe and pistol combo that leaves another British soldier dead.

Connor’s clothes are a mix of the classic Assassin look and Native American style. A knife, axe and pistol adorn his belt, while a bow and quiver of arrows hanged from his back.

We’ll have to wait till further information is given out by Ubisoft for further insights of the game.

The game will release on October 31st 2012. This applies to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

“PC format release to be confirmed” states the small print, unsurprising as previous game in the series have often launched later on PC. No mention is given to the game’s confirmed Wii U release.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Looks like Assassin’s Creed III is catching a lot of heat since the first leaked images, after the confirmation from Ubisoft that the box-art is in fact real, gamers got more hyped then ever, following up they hype, we got some brilliant details on Assassin’s Creed III, which Ubisoft claims will be the biggest launch in the history of Ubisoft.

- There will be brand new environments and all-new ways to exploit them to your advantage, according to the creative director Alex Hutchinson.

- The cinematic presentations will extend beyond combat into a complex way of storytelling. The game will have actually have the Mohawk language (Iroquois) in some scenes. Mohawk was one of the languages of the native Americans.

- The development cycle was the longest compared to any Assassin’s Creed game. It seems the game was developed simultaneously with the other spin-offs (Brotherhood and Revelations). According to Ubisoft’s CEO, AC3 has been in development for three years.

- The game tells a story of Templars vs Americans. It’s not about winning the war, but a story based on the main protagonist’s life.

- The game will feature a new camera, which focuses on the best possible view of the action.

- The game runs on a brand new version of the Anvil engine.

- The new Assassin is the son of a Native American woman and a British soldier. He calls himself Connor, but his birth name is Ratohnhaké:ton. Born into the Mohawk, he eventually crosses paths with the Assassins in his search for righteousness.

- Connor is quiet and stoic, letting actions speak for himself rather than conversing with others. In contrast to Ezio, Connor is a freedom fighter who acts in the name of justice rather than on personal revenge.

- Settings will include Boston, New York and a large countryside. The countryside will be the setting of about 1/3 of the game, and will be the location of many events during the game. The countryside will be about 1.5 times as big as Rome in Brotherhood.

- The protagonist will fight on the American side, with primary allies being George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Charles Lee. However, this does not mean that the Americans are the good guys and the British are the bad guys. Templars are everywhere.

- There will be seasons in the game, meaning that the sun will shine during summer and the landscape will be covered in snow during winter. This is the best new feature in Assassin’s Creed 3 as far as I’m concerned.

- You can chain kills in the game using the tomahawk and the knife.

Fighting and stealth will be completely redesigned, with Connor being compared to a “predator”. The player will be able to climb trees and other natural elements, and dual-wielding weapons such as a dagger and a tomahawk is now also an option.

- Animals will be present in the woods, like deer and bears. The player will be able to kill them and pelt their skins, to sell them later with the reformed economic system of the game.

- There will be puzzles similar to The Truth, only they will not be given by Subject 16.

- Desmond will go into the new Animus 3.0 and will find himself going into “significant events”.

- 100% sync in memories returns, though this time you will be rewarded when you complete memories to 100%. Checkpoints will also be introduced to mission replay, meaning you don’t have to replay an entire mission to get that 100% sync.

- The Brotherhood, or the Assassin’s Guild, will return in some form, albeit differently than we have seen before.

- Human shields are in, along with context sensitive actions. The target locking is gone, so the combat dynamics have changed.

- There is a fast travel system.

- There will be no more Mercenaries, Thieves, Courtesans, Romani or other factions, but there will be a replacement for them.

- Den Defense will not return.

- Expect Uncharted level of character interactions with 2.5 hours of scenes recorded.

We don’t have much details about the multiplayer yet, but they will be officially revealed soon by Ubisoft. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Do you want to know the most pirated games of 2011. The most downloaded game of PC and consoles then we have the answer as TorrentFreak listed the most downloaded  game on console and PC. Gears of war 3 led the way on Xbox 360 and Crysis 2 on PC. Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Nintendo Wii. We haven’t got the PS 3 download info as it has relatively less downloads then any other. For more information go to

Here are the full lists:

PC Game Downloads
1. Crysis 2     (3,920,000)
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3     (3,650,000)
3. Battlefield 3     (3,510,000)
4. FIFA 12     (3,390,000)
5. Portal 2     (3,240,000)

Wii Game Downloads
1. Super Mario Galaxy 2     (1,280,000)
2. Mario Sports Mix     (1,090,000)
3. Xenoblade Chronicles     (950,000)
4. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean     (870,000)
5. FIFA 12     (860,000)

Xbox 360 Game
1. Gears of War 3     (890,000)
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3     (830,000)
3. Battlefield 3     (760,000)
4. Forza Motorsport 4     (720,000)
5. Kinect Sports: Season Two     (690,000)