Sunday, March 4, 2012


Mass Effect 3, an extremely hyped game and also being called GoTY by many gamers all over the World, had to face an incident that might effect its overall sales figure. The game was gonna release on 6th March, 2012, but according to many torrent sites, game’s torrents are already hitting the internet. While PC version got leaked a week earlier, Xbox 360 version also appeared for downloads yesterday evening. Since the Xbox 360 version will be on 2 discs, the game’s size is 15 GB.

There are currently 2 PC versions of Mass Effect 3 available for download, N7 Deluxe Edition (With bonus content) and standard edition, with sizes 10.xx GB and 9.xx GB, but both are unplayable without a crack.

We at iGameShark are not gonna encourage the piracy, and would strongly recommend you not to play the pirated Xbox 360 release, since it can and will lead you to a permanent ban on Live, stopping you from using any online content or achievements.

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