Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Assassins Creed – A franchise that has been with us since 2007. A franchise that has addicted millions of gamers to its fast-paced story and great action sequences. Not only is it loved by the fans but by its publishers too. So much that they just love coming out with a new installment of the franchise every year in a row.
Last year’s “Assassins Creed : Revelations” ended the story of Ezio Auditore, the protogonist of the game. This year the developers have come out and said that they wont be coming out with the another AC game consecutively after AC3 releases. I respect the fact and I think it will only go in favor of  the great franchise as it will give the studio sufficient time to develop and polish the game.

Ubisoft,released the first trailer of the game today and by the looks of it,I think it’s the best Assassins Creed game they have ever come up with.

From whatever I’ve seen in the trailer, one of the features in the Assassin Creed III’s wild open areas is its animal inhabitants, seen feasting on the remains of one unlucky soldier in the trailer. You will be able to hunt them and will be rewarded for selling their fur.

you’ll be able to chain different weapons to devastate your opponents. In the trailer  we see a fist, axe and pistol combo that leaves another British soldier dead.

Connor’s clothes are a mix of the classic Assassin look and Native American style. A knife, axe and pistol adorn his belt, while a bow and quiver of arrows hanged from his back.

We’ll have to wait till further information is given out by Ubisoft for further insights of the game.

The game will release on October 31st 2012. This applies to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

“PC format release to be confirmed” states the small print, unsurprising as previous game in the series have often launched later on PC. No mention is given to the game’s confirmed Wii U release.

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